Spring in Crete

April and May are the two months when various species of flowers and plants bloom in Crete from the coastline to the mountain tops. Some of these species are unique not only for the Mediterranean but also for the whole world!

As over 150 endemic species are at their best profusion in spring in Crete, you can visit the island, take advantage of the independence in traveling a rental car offers you, and drive anywhere from the North to the South, leave your vehicle at specific locations and  take walking trips to the mountains or the coastal sand dunes to observe and photograph the plant and also the animal life as also various species of birds pass by the Cretan mountains at this time.

Areas in Western Crete that are most advisable to visit include the orchid meadows at Spili, the White Mountain peaks, the Omalos high plateau and Imbros Gorge. So visit Crete in spring and you experience an extremely interesting trip!

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